I’m Hugo. Some people call me Juice.

I work at Ultimate Software, on an internal PaaS. We get to play with a lot of different things like Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry and even custom built orchestration.

Home is Miami. Technically Hialeah. But trust me you don’t care about that part. Unless you’re gonna hit up some Cuban food. Some of the best is at Molina’s on LeJeune.

I’m glad to have the privelege of making money doing what I love. I get to write a lot of Go, play with cool infrastructure, and learn a lot on the job. I do a lot of that on my spare time too.

When I’m not doing that I’m spending time with my beautiful wife Ashley, working out, playing basketball or watching college football. []_[]

I also love video games, but mostly retro stuff. Easy to learn, difficult to master. There’s also Melee. It’s the best one.

I love spending time in the keys. On the boat, in the beach or at the bar it’s all good. If you’re ever down here you should definitely visit them.