When did we decide we were gonna believe everything we read on the internet?

I feel like from one day to the next we went from “You can’t use Wikipedia as a source in your essay Timmy” to “OMG Hilary Clinton eats anchovie pizza while abusing children!”

Seriously. Stop that shit. You’re ruining the internet.

Take, for example, Alex Jones.

I loved watching Alex Jones. I’ve soaked at least two pairs of pants while laughing at him.

Now, I can’t watch Alex Jones anymore, because some people actually think the shit he says is real.


Look. There’s no doubt we need trustworthy news sources, but the internet should not be that news source.

The internet is for platforms where everybody can connect and share.

Sometimes you will read things on the internet that are true. You can look up Benjamin Franklin on Wikipedia and probably be okay believing what you read.

The vast majority of the time, you will read things on the internet that are false.

And that’s ok. Don’t take everything so seriously.