I’ve got some of things I want to write up about GopherCon this year.

First, it was great being able to get out to GopherCon again. It only gets better and better. Thanks to everybody who helped make it happen, including all the speakers.

I’m kinda sad it’s not gonna be in Denver next year. Denver is one of my favorite cities to visit. Great food, great beer and very chill people (that was true even before recreational weed became legal).

Still, it was really cool to be able to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and see what the world is doing.

Another cool thing from this year, well at least for me anyways, is that I had the chance to give a lightning talk. It was the talk I gave at the Go meetup in Miami a little while ago.

It was a fun challenge. I had to basically change the format because of the time limit, and there were some technical difficulties that made me have to do it mostly from memory.

I like the lightning talks. The format makes them chill. It’s just for fun, which makes it fun for everybody.

Speaking of speaking, I was talking to Eben Freeman from Honeycomb one night and it was so embarassing. I couldn’t remember what his talk was about.

What made it worse was that all I could remember was that his talk was really interesting and I liked it a lot.

On my walk back to the hotel I remembered: it was about the allocator. I couldn’t take notes because my laptop died at the beginning of his talk.

The cherry on top of all this is that he’s one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting out there. It made me feel that much worse.

If you’re reading this Eben, I’m really sorry :(

If you’re not Eben, go watch his talk when it comes out because it’s really good.